Welcome to the FLC Team Leader Application!
The Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) will take place from September 29th-October 1st at the Circle Square Ranch in Brantford, Ontario. FLC is the first opportunity in the service year for club members and executives to meet one another from all around the district, learn more about Circle K and its initiatives, and educate members on how to be an outstanding leader both in their community and globally.

If you have strong leadership skills, confidence, and pep, this is the application for you! We look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting CKI getaway.

Yours in service, Clara Lockhart
Membership Education Chair
take the lead
Expectations for the weekend


Retreat members will be divided into teams upon arrival to the Circle Square Ranch. These teams will be decided in the weeks prior to the weekend, and emphasis will be placed upon mingling members from different clubs!


The Team Leaders will be placed in charge of their respective group. They are responsible for making their members feel included and encouraging participation in retreat activities. Additionally, Team Leaders will ensure that their teammates are kept well informed of the weekend itinerary, as well as supplying constant spirit and enthusiasm!
Application Process


Active or new member in good standing with your home club, the Eastern Canada District, and Circle K International.


July 19th - September 14th: Submissions
September 15th: Announcement of Team Leaders
TBD: Training Session
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Please ensure that you have checked your timetable and have no conflicts with the weekend of September 29th-October 1st.
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